Body Wraps

Princess Grace Floral Infusion
Lavender, chamomile, rose and orange blossoms give a sense of peace, harmony, and joy. You'll feel toned with a healthy glow. Well suited for all skin types. Perfect for those special holidays, bridal showers, new moms, or anyone that wants to indulge in being supremely pampered. This "wrapsody" is simply divine.
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Swiss Bliss Emollient Cremé
This is an outstanding nourishing and hydrating treatment for dry, dehydrated skin. Our cold-pressed evening primrose oil and goat butter crème will leave your skin soft and supple. A wonderful wrap for those who want to feel soothed and smoothed, whether your skin is super thirsty from daily stresses, environmental factors or pre-aging. Experience the "ahh" in spa!
MEMBER Icon - Information $45
EUROS Icon - Information € 70

Heavy Leg Seaweed
A luxurious wrap featuring a blend of Mediterranean seaweed that naturally cleanses, rehydrates and nourishes your skin. Stimulates circulation and increases metabolism, ridding the body of impurities. The naturally healing bene?ts of the sea are used to help improve body ?rmness and rede?ne the ?gure, especially around the thighs and tummy. Ideal after losing weight and for stretch marks.
MEMBER Icon - Information $45
EUROS Icon - Information € 70

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