Personal Spa

The Personal Spa consists of self-service treatments.
Warm Water Dry Float
Passive immersion with warm water gently keeps you a?oat, while the inward journey to contemplation has just begun. You’ll remain dry within the thin membrane folio embrace and feel supremely restful. The ?oat’s weightlessness has the added bene?t of deeply relaxing your muscles, joints, and inner organs as well. You will be dreamily cocooned in this ‘?oat’-as a baby in the womb. And the world is perfect again...
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Venetian Steam, Scrub & Mud
For a fabulous head-to-toe moisturizing treatment, partake in this wonderfully bene?cial eucalyptus steam with our fabulous scrub and mud treatment. A bathing suit will be required in the steam room, where you’ll begin by self-exfoliating to prepare your skin. Then apply a mineral-rich mud body masque as you relax in a layer of steamy warmth. Once you begin to perspire, rinse the mud off in the Venetian Steam Room’s Roman shower with cool water to exercise your skin’s pores and strengthen your immune system. Then let the steam envelop you once more for fully revitalizing bene?ts. You’ll feel great and your skin will be completely renewed. For best results, end with a cool water rinse for a fully refreshed sensation.
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Purifying Herbal Rejuvenation Body Treatment
Enter another world based on the East Indian ancient wisdom of puri?cation and rejuvenation. You’ll prepare your skin with self-exfoliation in the shower area. Wearing a bathing suit in the sauna, you’ll then anoint yourself all over with a nutrient-rich oil to beautify your body. As a pleasurable contrast with an iced washcloth, you may cover the top of your head to cool the mind. As toxins are released this moisturizing oil deeply nurtures you, making this timeless treatment true bliss. You don’t need to go to Europe to enjoy the radiant glow of silky smooth skin.
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Deep Silk Ultra Hair Masque
This treatment uses vitamins and vegetable proteins to rebuild, strengthen and restore life to the most dry and damaged hair. The silky cremé restructures and energizes as it locks in moisture, body, condition and fabulous shine, leaving your hair healthier than ever before. Also, intensi?es and retains color.
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