Booty-Ful Butt Lift

Enhance Your Curves and Accentuate Your Booty with EuroPhoria’s Booty-Ful Butt Lift™

The Booty-ful butt lift™: The First Non-Surgical Butt Lift

What is the Booty-ful butt lift™?

No doubt you’ve heard the hype: Seems everyone is raving about having a shapelier back side. Up until now, however, that meant enduring surgery, fat transfers, and a painful recovery.
No longer!
Sculptra is a non-surgical alternative that involves no downtime, no knives, and no anesthetic.
Designed to enhance the shape of your butt and achieve your desired look, this treatment uses the body’s own rejuvenation response to gradually increase the volume of your buttocks, reduce cellulite, and boost your self-confidence.

How much do you need?

Most people start with 2 ccs on each side and then come back several weeks later for an additional treatment or treatments. It’s only a matter of weeks before you see the amazing results that has left the celebrities crushing.

How long do results last?

Everyone’s body responds differently, yet Sculptra helps stimulate your body’s own tissues so the results are longer lasting than what you’ll find with other fillers.  You can expect to maintain your shapely look for 2-3 years (though some patients report sustained results for 5 years).

How long will my appointment take?

We know your time is valuable, so we keep it short! The procedure only takes about a half hour from start to finish, though you may want add-ons that increase the time.

Does it hurt?

Here at EuroPhoria, we don’t believe in the adage “No pain, no gain.” Rather, we administer a numbing cream to the area about 10-15 minutes before starting so you experience a pain-free treatment.

Do I need to prep beforehand?

To minimize your risk of bruising, we do suggest avoiding Ibuprofen and blood-thinning medications for 3 days before your injections. If you’re prone to cold sores, you may want to start a course of treatment at that time as well.

Is there any downtime or recovery after this treatment?

One of our favorite things about the BBL treatment is there is minimal downtime, if any. Most EuroBabes walk out of here ready to take on the world, whereas others experience some slight bruising. Swelling is natural, and often hits a peak the morning after treatment, though that may continue for up to a week after the injections.

We do ask patients to perform 5-minute massages 5 times a day in the first 3-5 days following treatment. This helps ensure the liquid is dispersed throughout the tissue. You’ll also want to stay hydrated and avoid Ibuprofen immediately after the procedure.

Are there any products I should use at home?

We highly recommend Bioline products to protect and nurture the skin following the injections. One of our skincare experts will recommend the correct home care regiment—or products based upon needs or desired results.

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