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Bold, beautifully-shaped brows are a major beauty trend these days. Achieving this look can be an important part of your facial appearance, and allow you to express yourself more. Of the many ways brows can be filled and made bolder, an Ombré powder treatment stands out as an outstanding, versatile solution that gives you a stylish, beautiful ombré fade.

What are Ombré powder brows?

Ombré powder is an extremely long-lasting makeup procedure that is ideal for clients who prefer a fuller result than hair strokes, but would still like the effect to be soft.  Ombré powder brows treatments are a form of tattooing like other permanent brow techniques, but are a more modern method because the work is done only on the surface layer of skin.

This treatment achieves shaded brows that begin more darkly at the tail of the brows, then slowly get lighter toward the front, which achieves a more natural, subtle look compared to traditionally tattooed eyebrows. The finished look is a soft powder filler brow appearance that can be made to look more natural or bold. Ombré powder brows are waterproof, smudge-proof, and sweat-proof.

What happens during the treatment?

To begin, we will consult with you about your style and aesthetic preferences, and we will examine your skin and coloring to help you choose the best brow for you. A combination of several different brow mapping methods and measurements is used to ensure your brows are as natural and symmetrical as possible. The final shape is also chosen based on your natural brow shape, your muscle and bone structure, and your facial features. 

Once you’ve settled on your look and are completely satisfied with it, we will begin by applying a topical numbing cream to the eyebrow area to ensure the treatment is comfortable. 

Ombré powder brows are achieved with a machine technique that is less invasive than microblading treatments. The machine is applied only to the upper layer of the skin by your brow specialist. A single needle is used to deposit pixels into the skin, which creates a soft, powdery effect.⁣⁣ 
Your session will take 3-5 hours to complete. Your brows require a full session and a touchup to complete the final effect, with the touchup 5-12 weeks after the initial session. The results are so long-lasting that they are considered semi-permanent, lasting up to five years. 

Who is a candidate for ombré powder brows?

If you would like to have beautiful, full, natural-looking brows, you may be an ideal candidate for ombre powder brows.  This treatment is particularly recommended for women with oily skin or combination skin–or anyone who fills in their brows regularly with pencil or shadow. Candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • You are 18 or older
  • You are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Your skin is not severely thin or wrinkles
  • You are generally healthy and have no serious health concerns
  • Have no current skin infections or open wounds
  • Have any skin type
  • Have none or any amount of brow hair⁣
  • Are not currently using and haven’t taken Accutane or any other steroids within the past year
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Benefits of ombré powder brows

Ombré powder brows are such a hot beauty trend because of the many benefits they provide. Including the following: 

  • Ideal for any skin type, including oily skin
  • Ombré brows are extremely long-lasting, usually up to 5 years.
  • Less invasive than other semi-permanent makeup techniques
  • Less painful than any other semi-permanent makeup techniques
  • Very versatile treatment that can be customized to suit your personal aesthetic

  • Heals nicely and easily
  • Causes no scarring
  • Getting ready takes less time
  • Eliminates time spent applying makeup
  • Doesn't smear when in water activities or while sweating
  • Provides a perfect alternative for those with allergies to makeup
  • Great for those with naturally asymmetrical brows
  • The eyebrows look fuller, more defined, and dramatic












Treatment Results: 

Once the procedure is finished, your brows will appear darker and bolder. This color will lighten and soften up from 30% - 60% once your brows are healed.

During the next couple of days, your brow will prepare to scab and become even darker and thicker. This period will take about 10-14 days. Once the scabs fall off, the brows will appear very light for a temporary period of time.

The final color and results will appear 3-4 weeks after your treatment. 

Aftercare tips during the first 1-2 weeks:

  • Do not apply any makeup on the brows until the scabbing has completely fallen off. 
  • Do not touch the pigmented area with your fingers, which may have bacteria on them
  • Do not use products on the treatment area that contain AHA’s, which will fade the color
  • Do not allow any water to contact the brows for the first week
  • Don’t exercise, as it will cause sweating
  • Do not rub, scratch, peel or pick the scabs 
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure
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Why EuroPhoria for my ombré powder brows?

At EuroPhoria, we are committed to enhancing natural beauty with the latest and most advanced cosmetic and med spa procedures. We welcome our guests to a relaxing, luxurious, respite from their day-to-day lives, where they can be pampered, refreshed, and renewed as we help them achieve their cosmetic goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about ombré powder brows, schedule a consultation with us. Our skilled aestheticians will talk with you about your goals, analyze your skin and brows, and help you achieve your perfect look. 

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