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  • Posted on: Jul 10 2019
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You’re Invited!
Join us for Our very first Vampire event!
Event details:
  • When: Tuesday, October 29th at 6 pm 
  • Where: EuroPhoria Brimhall & Calloway
  • RSVP by calling EuroPhoria at 661.847.4772, visiting our website at the text icon to reach a spa concierge directly) or via email [email protected]  
Event features & highlights:
  • Delectable hors d’oeuvres and champagne
  • Professional presentation and Q & A on ALL VAMPIRE TREATMENTS (Vampire Facial, Vampire Face Lift, Vampire Breast Lift, P-Shot, O-Shot)
  • Chance to win your choice of 1 Vampire treatment!!!
  • Exclusive membership promotion & promotional offers on all treatments

We are thrilled to offer the Vampire Facelift, Vampire Facial, Vampire Breast lift, O shot, and P shot.

There have been many studies about the fantastic benefits of PRP (plasma-rich platelets), which are used in each procedure. And while there are many incredible benefits, the one that wins our heart is what it does for your skin!

Each Vampire treatment involves taking some blood from your arm and spinning it to extract the PRP within. By using the fresh PRP and a micro-needling tool in the Vampire Face Lift and Vampire Facial, the plasma penetrates deep into the skin’s surface to achieve optimal results. The PRP encourages the skin to react as if it’s injured; as a result, your body naturally works its magic to produce restorative and beautiful collagen –The foundation for youthful skin.

You’ll notice some results immediately, and more to follow over the upcoming 4-12 weeks. The benefits you’ll see & feel are: Brighter and fresher looking skin, Reduction in fine lines and deep wrinkles, rejuvenated tissue, and so much more!

For more in depth information about these 2 procedures, see our IGTV with Reagan Satter via Instagram @europhoria_medspa

The o-shot is an all-natural, painless, non-surgical procedure that rejuvenates and revitalizes vaginal and clitoral function. It offers women the ability to dramatically improve sensitivity and significantly enhance their sex life. It can also help to decrease urinary incontinence, increase sexual desire, reduce chronic pain from child birth, mesh, or cystitis, produce stronger orgasms, and improves vaginal lubrication

The p-shot uses blood-deprived growth factors to rejuvenate the penis with a painless, non-surgical procedure. It helps men enjoy substantially harder erections and increased sensation. It can also help to strengthen and straighten the penis, add girth and length, Increase circulation, make other therapies, such as Viagra and Cialis, even more effective, and improve sexual confidence

Our medical aesthetic experts will also be going over the Vampire breast lift. Women throughout the world are experiencing a renewed sense of sex appeal and beauty from this innovative, non-surgical treatment. Using growth factors from your own blood, the Vampire Breast lift replaces lost volume and enhances breasts for a more youthful, attractive appearance.Let’s talk about the process: A Nurse performs a visual examination to determine where the shape can be enhanced to craft a more youthful, lifted appearance. A small blood sample is drawn from your arm to extract Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. This painless procedure pulls out the growth factors that will ultimately cause new collagen and increased blood flow. This is then injected into specific areas of the breast to attain optimal results. The PRP induces new tissue and blood vessel growth, all of which is permanent.

The Vampire Breast lift also helps by correcting inverted nipples, changing color from a dull grey to a rosy hue, Enhancing sensation in the breast, nipple, and areola, adding volume to the breast for a more youthful appearance, and tightening wrinkled or crepe-paper skin around the nipple and entire breast

If any of these treatments sound interesting to you, then make sure to attend our event!

Yours in Beauty and Wellness,


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