Current Event: Kiss the Summer Goodbye!

  • Posted on: Jul 10 2019
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You’re Invited!
Join us for The Kiss the summer goodbye Event
Event details:
  • When: Thursday, August 15th at 6pm 
  • Where: EuroPhoria Brimhall & Calloway
  • Who: $25 for You and a friend
  • RSVP by calling EuroPhoria at 661.847.4772, visiting our website at the text icon to reach a spa concierge directly) or via email [email protected]  
Event features & highlights:
  • Professional presentation and Q&A session: Learn everything there is to know about lip fillers
  • Delectable hors d’oeuvres and champagne
  • Chance to win 1 Petite™ or Full Pout™!!!
  • Exclusive membership promotion & promotional offers
  • Exclusive financing options available

Have you ever dreamt of luscious, pouty lips?

To us, natural looking lips are best. Whether you choose our Extra Pout™, Full Pout™, or Petite Pout™, we look at the shape of your face and mouth before we think about the size.

Our Petite Pout™ is for when you’re looking for a little and not a lot. Petite Pout™ is ideal for people who are new to the world of lip fillers and injections and want a little extra pout.

Full Pout™ injections will leave you with a perfectly pouty pair of lips.  We happily customize our Full Pout™ to fit the natural lines of your face, mouth, and jaw, to ensure the final result is everything you’re dreaming of.

Our Extra Pout™ gives you a gorgeous and glamorous look, when your lips already look amazing but you’re hoping for a little extra.

Not sure which pout is right for you?

Then make sure to attend our kiss the summer goodbye event!

And remember eurobabes and eurobros, Life is short, GET THE POUT! ™


Yours in Beauty and Wellness,


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