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Many women are looking for fuller, thicker brows to enhance their face and provide an attractive, more striking appearance. At EuroPhoria, we provide both brow lamination and brow henna treatments to give you your perfect brows.

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What is Brow Lamination? 

Brow lamination is a non-invasive, three-step, semi-permanent treatment. It uses chemicals to manipulate hair direction and enhance the brow to create natural-looking, brushed-up brows.

Brow lamination straightens and lifts the eyebrow hairs to achieve a thicker, smoother appearance.

What are the benefits?

  • Requires no downtime
  • Is a short, non-invasive, easily-experienced treatment
  • Achieves thicker, fuller brows
  • Requires no downtime
  • Enhances facial appearance and achieves a more defined, dramatic look

Who is a candidate for brow lamination?

Ideal candidates for brow lamination want thicker, fuller eyebrows, have brow hair that ideally grows throughout the length of the eyebrow, and are experiencing the following brow concerns:

  • Over-plucked brows
  • Thinning brows 
  • Small gaps or thin spots in the brows
  • Unruly brow hairs that tend to go different directions 
  • A lack of brow shape
  • Uneven brows

Brow lamination is not recommended for those who:

  • Have major gaps or missing patches in the brows 
  • Have psoriasis, sensitive skin, rosacea or eczema, or a history of contact dermatitis
  • Have had recent eye surgery, a sunburn, brow PMU, or brow serum
  • Are currently taking blood thinners
  • Have pink eye or scar tissue
  • Are pregnant or breast-feeding
HENNA BROW $90 $60 €75 30
LAMINATION BROW $100 $75 €90 45
HENNA + LAMINATION $170 $120 €150 60

What happens during brow lamination?

Exfoliate two days before your treatment, and arrive with a fresh, clean face. You’ll meet with our brow specialist, who will consult with you about the look and style you want to achieve. 

We will start your brow treatment by applying lift lotion with a micro brush. The lotion chemically straightens the eyebrow hairs and causes them to be more flexible, so that they can cover gaps and sparse areas and be molded into an attractive brow shape.

The treatment concludes with a nourishing brow serum applied to the brows and left to sink deeply into the skin and replenish moisture. Your brow artist may trim the brows to achieve an even, exact shape.

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Brow lamination aftercare:

We will apply a moisturizing treatment to your brows immediately after your treatment. Continue to apply this to maintain your results and the health of your brows.

  • Don’t wet, touch, or rub your eyebrows for 24 hours
  • Don’t apply makeup or other creams and oils to the brows for 24 hours
  • After 24 hours, nourish your brows properly with cream or other treatment once a day
  • Do not exfoliate for three days
  • Don’t have a sauna treatment or other high-perspiration activity (steam room, hot yoga)

What is Brow Henna? 

Henna is a plant ingredient that is safe for brow hairs. Henna is used to stain the hairs and the skin around them to provide dramatic, darker brows with an attractive, bolder shape.

What are the benefits?

  • 100% pure and natural
  • Achieves filled, darker, more dramatic brows
  • Requires no downtime
  • Is a short easily-experienced treatment
  • Enhances the facial appearance and proportions to achieve a more defined look

Who is a candidate for a brow henna treatment?

Candidates for brow henna treatments would like to achieve darker, thicker brows and fill patches. Brow henna treatments can improve the following brow concerns:

  • Over-plucked brows
  • Thinning or sparse brows 
  • Small gaps in the brows
  • A lack of brow shape
  • Gray hairs in the brows

Brow lamination is not recommended for those who:

  • Have a wheat or other essential allergy
  • Have taken Accutane within the last year
  • Are taking acne medication or retinoids
  • Have a sunburn or skin irritation
  • Are using steroids

What happens during a henna brow treatment?

Exfoliate two days before your treatment, and arrive with a clean face. You’ll meet with our brow specialist to choose the proper henna type and color for you to achieve your goals.

Once your color and desired look is chosen, the henna powder and demineralised water are mixed together to create a paste. This is then applied over your brows and allowed to soak into the skin. If you’re choosing stylish ombré brows, we will apply the darkest shades are in the arch and tail of the brow, and keep the color slightly lighter at the beginning to achieve this attractive effect.

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How long does the session take? 

The process takes no longer than 30 minutes. Henna lasts for up to two weeks on the skin and for four weeks on the hair.

Brow henna treatment aftercare:

For the first 24 hours, avoid the following:

  • Weting, touching or rubbing your brows
  • Applying makeup on or around the brows
  • Using harsh skincare treatments
  • Having a sauna treatment
  • Engaging in other high-perspiration activity (steam room, hot yoga)

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