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Sunless Tanning: Glowing and Guilt-Free

Sunless tanning is also known as “UV-free” tanning. At EuroPhoria, we are experts in the world of spray tanning in Bakersfield, as we started out in this arena and have manufactured our own tanning equipment and products. It’s our goal to provide the safest and best techniques for getting our clients the tanned skin they want. We also understand different skin types and chemistries, and therefore we are able to select the right type of spray tan for each unique client. 

The Science of EuroMist Sunless Tanning

Our EuroMist Sunless Tanning works by using dihydroxyacetone (DHA) — a colorless sugar that interacts with dead skin cells. When DHA is introduced to the skin, its sugar creates a color change due to the skin’s proteins and amino acids. This color change typically lasts 5-7 days. We recommend that clients do not spray tan more than three times in a two-week period. This allows time for your skin to fade evenly. If you go more often than three times in two weeks, the tan will begin to appear “built-up” and patchy. If you have more questions about spray tanning in Bakersfield, reach out to our specialists today!

What to Expect with Spray Tanning In Bakersfield

You will enter the EuroMist Sunless Tanning booth and face outward. Voice prompts will guide you through the session. Once complete, you may remove the barrier cream and get dressed. Your skin should be dry enough that you can dress immediately; however, you should wash your hands.

Don’t shower for at least eight hours following your sunless tanning session. The color will start to develop and darken, and will progress for the next 24 hours. We recommend moisturizing your skin daily to ensure an even and natural-looking tan. Chlorinated pools, spas, salt water, and harsh soaps will cause the skin to exfoliate (and therefore fade your tan) more quickly, so we recommend avoiding these.

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Best spa of Bakersfield! Love the spray booth! I’m in love with the glow this spray tan gives to my natural skin tone. Fast, long-lasting, and beautiful results! The staff is very friendly and very welcoming when I walk through the door.

Grethel C.

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Why Choose EuroTan for your Spray Tan?

Serving the Bakersfield area and beyond since 1996, EuroTan Spa has been helping our clients glow for a long time. We have since expanded into medical aesthetics, but our tanning services remain cutting-edge and beloved by clients. Our team goes above and beyond to provide a serene atmosphere where you can let the worries of life melt away and connect deeply within yourself again. We welcome you to an environment where you can feel alive, refreshed, beautiful, and completely rejuvenated. 

How to Prepare for Your Spray Tanning Session

Before your EuroMist Sunless Tanning appointment, you will need to shower. Be sure to remove makeup, deodorant, moisturizer, etc., as these products may cause the DHA to not work as well. You should also shave or wax before your appointment, and exfoliate well. Be sure to wear dark, loose-fitting clothing. 

Just before stepping into the EuroMist Sunless Tanning booth, you will need to undress to your desired level of sunless coverage and remove any jewelry. You may also want to wipe your skin down to prep it. We will give you a hair cap to protect your hair, but make sure that the cap doesn’t cover up your ears or any part of your face. We will also provide you with foot protectors, your breathing filter, and barrier cream.

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Double Dip $50 $25 €35

Spray Tanning Pricing


Regular Prep & Clear $35 $25 €30
Regular Prep, Clear & Moisturize $35 $25 €30
Regular Prep & Bronze $35 $25 €30
Regular Prep, Bronze & Moisturize $35 $25 €30


Medium Prep & Clear $45 $30 €35
Medium Prep, Clear & Moisturize $45 $30 €35
Medium Prep & Bronze $45 $30 €35
Medium Prep, Bronze & Moisturize $45 $30 €35


Dark Prep &
$55 $35 €45
Dark Prep,
Clear & Moisturize
$55 $35 €45
Dark Prep & Bronze $55 $35 €45
Dark Prep, Bronze & Moisturize $55 $35 €45

Spray Tanning FAQs:

Does a spray tan protect my skin from getting burned?

Will the spray tan come off on my sheets or clothes?

What should I wear during a spray tan?

Can I get a spray tan if I have sensitive skin?

How long does a spray tan session take?

Can I shower after a spray tan?

Does a spray tan protect my skin from getting burned?

No. You can still get a sunburn even with a spray tan, so be aggressive with UV protection.

Will the spray tan come off on my sheets or clothes?

This will depend on what solution was used. With clear solution, nothing visible should come off at all. With bronzer, you may see a little bit of residue — however, it washes out easily. We recommend showering eight hours after your session to avoid getting color on fabrics.

What should I wear during a spray tan?

Many people choose to wear minimal clothing, like swimwear or underwear, during the session. The tanning technician will provide guidance based on your comfort level.

Can I get a spray tan if I have sensitive skin?

It's a good idea to do a patch test before getting a full spray tan if you have sensitive skin. Some tanning solutions may contain allergens that could cause skin reactions.

How long does a spray tan session take?

A typical spray tan session usually takes about 10 to 20 minutes, including preparation and application.

Can I shower after a spray tan?

It's recommended to wait at least 6 to 8 hours after the spray tan session before taking your first shower. This allows the DHA to fully develop on your skin.

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