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Discover the Club Euro Pilates Difference

Pilates at Club Euro is more than an exercise; it's a shared journey towards elegance in motion. In our classes, you'll connect with like-minded individuals, forging bonds that extend beyond the studio walls. From "Stretch, Shine, and Unwind" to "Cardio Core Connect," our classes blend contemporary and traditional techniques, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and total body rejuvenation. Our "Go with the Flow" sessions on the Pilates reformer bed offer a varied, full-body workout. Experience the joy of movement tailored to your body, ensuring you never repeat the same class twice.

Club Euro: Unlock Your Potential

Embark on a Pilates journey at Club Euro, where each session is an invitation to shine. With a focus on posture, form, and the transformative power of Pilates, you'll leave each class feeling invigorated and glowing with an inner light of accomplishment.

Ready to transform your fitness narrative? Reserve your mat in our next Pilates class and witness the transformation unfold. At Club Euro, connect with your inner strength, transform your body and mind, and shine in the radiance of your achievements. 

    The Benefits of Working Out With Others

    • Enhanced Motivation: Exercising with companions fosters a unique motivational atmosphere that is challenging to replicate when exercising solo. Observing classmates hit their goals can serve as inspiration, helping eliminate potential skipped sessions and improve personal motivation.
    • Augmented Stress Alleviation: While any exercise regimen can alleviate stress, participating in group exercise adds dimension of tranquility. Exercising in group settings can often leave individuals feeling more serene and less fatigued than solitary exercise.
    • Diverse and Enjoyable Exercise Atmosphere: Club Euro's pilates and strength training classes are designed to maintain your interest and enjoyment. Exercising in a structured class setting with others allows for diverse and stimulating workouts, preventing monotony.
    • Heightened Weight Loss and Maintenance Achievement: Group settings can significantly impact weight loss and maintenance success. It has been demonstrated that individuals who engage in fitness activities with companions or in group settings are more likely to adhere to their fitness objectives and sustain these achievements over time than those who pursue fitness alone.
    • Enhanced Mental Well-Being: Exercising with others has substantial mental health benefits. Participation in group exercise activities has been associated with enhancements in mental well-being, providing a sense of community, belonging, and shared accomplishments that can profoundly elevate mood and overall mental health.

    Our Pilates Classes

    Go with the Flow

    Unleash the transformative power of the Pilates reformer bed. A full body workout focused on strengthening and lengthening for that long, lean Pilates body. This reformer-based class utilizes various props, focuses on posture, form, and emphasizes core strength. Using contemporary and traditional Pilates techniques, our instructors will help you find the right movement for your body, and you will never experience the same class twice. Learn the rhythm to go with the flow!

    Stretch, Shine, and Unwind

    Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience, decompressing with our reformer-assisted stretching session. Focused on lengthening the muscles and increasing flexibility, you will leave feeling calm and re-centered. This class is designed to gradually increase the intensity of stretches, allowing members to safely push their limits and achieve greater levels of flexibility over time. Your focus will be on relieving muscle fatigue, increasing flexibility, and promoting calmness of the mind.

    Cute Glutes

    We keep it Booty-Ful in this lower-body focused class. Whether you want to sculpt your backside or improve your overall fitness, you will enjoy this fun and challenging workout. This class primarily focuses on exercises specifically designed to sculpt, shape, and strengthen the gluteal muscles. With this comprehensive lower-body workout, you will achieve a firmer, more defined posterior. Come sculpt and challenge yourself with this fun, higher-intensity, large muscle group engaging class. Get the “Pilates sore” we all adore!

    Rejuvenate and Revive

    Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience that combines Pilates with expertly crafted stretching routines. This restorative class is designed to release mind and body tension. Utilizing specialized tools such as the Balanced BodyTM trigger point ball and foam roller, this class will target specific areas of tightness and discomfort to release tension and improve mobility. Bonus! Myofascial release is proven to reduce cellulite. *not recommended for pregnancy, osteoporosis, or varicose veins.

    Cardio Core Connect

    Let’s get those heart rates up! Welcome to the Club Euro party, where we don't sweat, we sparkle. A jump-board class focused on heart health and calorie burning. A fun and low-impact way to work those major muscle groups and get your energy up. A perfect combination of high-intensity jumping paired with various strength exercises. This Pilates class is perfect for anyone looking to boost endurance and have fun doing it!

    Transformative Tower

    The Transformative Tower class is our Pilates classic. Using the stable platform and the Tower, we offer the basics of Joseph Pilates. In this unique class, we offer the fundamentals of Pilates focusing on spine mobility and range of motion. All while continuing to build core strength with the different levels of resistance on the platform. 

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