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What is a Lip Flip? 

A lip flip and lip fillers are both excellent options for achieving fuller lips, each offering unique benefits. Lip fillers involve injecting hyaluronic acid (HA) into your lips to add volume, giving you instantly plumper lips. In contrast, a lip flip uses wrinkle relaxer injections in specific parts of your upper lip. Within about a week, these injections create a fuller, "poutier" look without actually adding volume. Many people find that lip flips result in a more natural appearance compared to lip fillers. 

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What Are the Benefits of a Lip Flip? 

Embarking on the journey of a lip flip in Bakersfield, there are many advantages, including:

  • There’s a low risk of complications or side effects. 
  • It can boost your self-esteem. 
  • The procedure is safe when performed by an experienced healthcare provider
  • A lip flip is a cost-effective alternative to traditional lip fillers, offering a more affordable option for enhancing your lips.
  • You’ll experience less pain, bruising, and swelling than you would with other lip augmentation procedures.

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Is a Lip Flip Right for Me? 

A lip flip is a personal journey that empowers you to enhance your natural beauty. Typically, we’ve found the best candidates for this procedure: 

  • Maintain good physical health.
  • Have realistic expectations about the procedure.
  • Have no active oral infections, such as canker sores or cold sores.
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Your Lip Flip Procedure

Before your lip flip in Bakersfield, you'll have a consultation with a medical professional, who will take the time to understand your desires and ensure your comfort throughout the process. During this consultation, they will discuss various aspects, including your goals, expectations, and any concerns you may have about your appearance. They may ask questions such as why you're interested in a lip flip and whether anyone close to you has influenced your decision.

During your visit they will also assess your overall health, including any existing medical conditions or risks that may affect the procedure. It's essential to inform them about any allergies, especially to cow milk, as some botulinum toxin brands contain albumin derived from cow milk. Additionally, disclose all medications you're currently taking, whether prescription or over-the-counter, as they can impact your recovery.

To optimize your results and ensure a smooth healing process, it is recommend to refrain from alcohol, cigarettes, and aspirin for at least a week before the procedure. These substances can thin the blood or increase the risk of bruising at the injection sites.

During the lip flip procedure, a medical professional will use a fine needle to administer the wrinkle relaxer into specific areas of your upper lip, including the corners and edges. While the procedure itself is relatively quick, typically lasting between ten to twenty minutes, you are assured to be informed and comfortable throughout. If you have concerns about discomfort, they can discuss options such as applying a numbing cream or performing a nerve block to minimize any potential pain.

Rest assured, Dr. Rao and her team of professionals are dedicated to providing personalized care that meets your aesthetic goals while prioritizing your safety and well-being.

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Your Recovery

After the lip flip procedure, we will closely monitor you for up to fifteen minutes to ensure no immediate side effects. You may experience slight swelling, sensitivity, or numbness in your lips, which typically subsides within 24 hours.

To aid in your lips' healing and prevent the wrinkle relaxer from migrating to other areas of your face, consider the following tips:

  • Apply an ice pack for up to ten minutes to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling.
  • Avoid using lipstick, lip balm, or any other products on your lips for at least three to four days.
  • Refrain from applying pressure to your lips, including touching, puckering, kissing, or using a straw.
  • Be gentle while brushing your teeth and avoid sleeping facedown to support optimal healing.

These steps will support a smooth recovery process, ensuring your lips heal beautifully while maintaining the desired results from your lip flip in Bakersfield.

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We’ve Created an Atmosphere Just for You

Leave behind any worries or stresses as you step into our sanctuary designed exclusively for you. EuroPhoria offers a serene haven, meticulously crafted with every detail considered, building upon our legacy of delivering exceptional spa and salon services. Explore our comprehensive offerings by visiting our website or contacting us to schedule a consultation. Our dedicated team is here to provide expert guidance and address any inquiries you may have, ensuring your journey with us is seamless and rewarding.

Lip Flip FAQ

Can I combine a lip flip with other lip enhancement procedures?

Can a lip flip procedure be reversed if I'm not satisfied with the results?

Will a lip flip make my lips look noticeably larger?

Are there any potential side effects of a lip flip?

How long do the results of a lip flip last?

Can I combine a lip flip with other lip enhancement procedures?

Yes, a lip flip can be combined with other lip enhancement procedures to achieve the desired results. Your healthcare provider can discuss the best combination of treatments for your specific goals.

Can a lip flip procedure be reversed if I'm not satisfied with the results?

Yes, the effects of a lip flip procedure are temporary and will naturally wear off over time. If you're unsatisfied with the results, you can wait for the effects to fade or discuss potential reversal options with your healthcare provider.

Will a lip flip make my lips look noticeably larger?

A lip flip is designed to subtly enhance the appearance of the upper lip by relaxing the muscles and allowing more of the upper lip to be visible. It does not significantly increase the volume of the lips. If you desire fuller lips, your healthcare provider can recommend other suitable treatments.

Are there any potential side effects of a lip flip?

Some potential side effects of a lip flip may include temporary swelling, bruising, or tenderness at the injection sites. These effects usually resolve within a few days.

How long do the results of a lip flip last?

The effects of a lip flip typically last for about 6 to 8 weeks. After this period, you may consider scheduling a follow-up appointment for maintenance.

Why Choose EuroPhoria Medical & Personal Spa

Simply put, EuroPhoria is the ultimate destination for procedures such as a lip flip. Our team, guided by Dr. Rao, ensures exceptional care. 

Dr. Rao, our board-certified Internist, integrates the principles of mind, body, and spirit for holistic wellness. Her expertise spans skin biology and cutting-edge aesthetic technology aimed at enhancing your natural beauty from within. We offer complimentary consultations to address all your queries and tailor treatments to your needs. Beyond aesthetics, Dr. Rao also serves as your primary care provider, coordinating specialized care across various settings. 

Our state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques in our Aesthetics department guarantee comprehensive skincare solutions. So schedule your lip flip consultation today and embark on your journey to unlock your natural beauty with us.

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