• Posted on: Jun 22 2020
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Dear Guests and Members❤

We have been notified that Kern County has been added to Governor Newson’s ‘watch-list’ which unfortunately means that we are being forced to shut down all spa and salon services at both EuroTan Spa and EuroPhoria starting Friday, July 24th, 2020. We will remain open for tanning services at both of the EuroTan locations. Please note that EuroPhoria Medical, Inc. will remain open during this time and offer medical aesthetic services under the direction of Dr. Rao.

This announcement comes with a lot of frustration because we believe that we have gone above and beyond the recommendations from local and state officials to keep our guests, members, and staff safe during this time.  We have installed additional specialized HVAC systems to purify the air in all of our facilities, administered regular COVID-19 testing to our team members, implemented new check-in procedures including health screenings, adhere to social distancing guidelines, modified our facilities, purchased tens of thousands of dollars of protective gear and equipment for all of our employees, and have been diligent in cleaning and sanitizing our facilities.

Our decision to comply with this order to temporarily close is one that we do not agree with. However, the repercussions of not following the directions from Governor Newsom puts all of our providers in jeopardy of losing their licenses permanently, not to mention the monetary fines we would incur by providing spa and salon services would be unbearable during this time. We are unsure when we will be given permission to provide these services once again. We are all hoping that this will end quickly and will communicate all updates through our social media accounts. 

We are focusing all our efforts to be proactive and creative with upcoming promotions during this time to help cover our financial responsibilities. Be on the lookout for these awesome opportunities and more details to come! There are going to be some offers you won’t want to miss!
We will be using our website: as well as our Instagram: @Europhoria_medspa to post updates, promotions, and all other announcements.

Many of you may not be aware, but as a small business, even when we are closed, we still carry many financial expenses. This mandate from Governor Newsom is forcing us to operate our business at a loss each and every day this continues. Your loyalty and support is needed now, more than ever. We have been serving Bakersfield for 24 years and served over 100,000 customers. We value our community and have donated to local causes to show our appreciation for being a part of such a great city!

During this time, if you would like to continue to accrue Euros, we will ensure, as always, that you will have a full 12 months to use them.  If you do decide to put a temporary freeze on to your account, you may do so by emailing our customer service department at: [email protected]. Please note that while your membership is frozen, the monthly Membership dues will not be charged and no Euros will be credited to your account.  Keep in mind during a freeze, you will not have access to the Euros on your account or be eligible for membership benefits and discounts.

We wish you and your family health and peace during this time. We look forward to seeing you soon!❤

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