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We are excited to announce that we have found a fantastic solution for resuming our spa and salon services..  Through a fusion of beauty and tranquility, EuroPhoria Resort & Spa brings you the ultimate treatment offerings. Artfully arranged in a private enclave of gentle waterfalls and lush greenery, our newly opened facility invites you to experience luxury like never before.

From the moment you enter this all-outdoors spa, you’ll be enveloped in absolute serenity. Relish the opportunity to relax with 5-star treatment that includes refreshments in the waiting area, professional nail services, lavish massages, and ultimate skincare servicing.

How can I make a reservation?

You can reserve your salon and spa services by texting 661-464-1309 or calling 661-836-9951.  No on-site reservations can be made.  We look forward to assisting you with your future reservations! 

Who can make a reservation?

Both Members and Guests are now able to make a reservation.

Can non-Members/Guests make a reservation?

Yes. However, if they choose not to, they will receive an extension on the expiration date for their pre-purchased promotional services in order to accommodate for the salon and spa services that have been unavailable due to COVID-19 restrictions at our indoor locations.  

When is EuroPhoria Resort and Spa open? 

Offering outdoor spa and salon services under optimal conditions limits the availability for reservations due to weather restrictions. Hours and days may vary, but typical operation will happen from Monday-Friday, 7-11 am. Hours subject to change.  Call or text to find out what days and times are available for the coming week!

Where is EuroPhoria Resort and Spa located?

The Gardens at Monji

9401 Shellabarger Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93312

Head to our Instagram @europhoria_medspa or Facebook for detailed directions.

What are my payment options? 

The Resort requires pre-payment for all services. Payment for all services will be due at the time you make your reservation. If you are using a Spa package for your visit, you will need to bring it in to EuroTan Spa at our Stockdale & Coffee location prior to making your reservation. 

Members:  If you are a Member, you can use your Euros on your account.  Spa Packages can also be used for your service(s) at The Resort. 

Guests: If you are a Guest, you will be asked for your credit card information & will be charged at the time of your booking.  Guests may also use their Spa Packages to pay for their service(s) at The Resort.

What if I want to use a Spa Package?

This location requires pre-payment for all services.  If you are using a Spa package for your visit, you will need to bring it in to EuroTan Spa at Stockdale & Coffee prior to making your reservation. 

How do I leave a gratuity? 

Tips can now be prepaid with your card on file OR in cash after the service in completed.  Please note that if paying in cash, no change will be available on site, so exact denomination is appreciated.

Are there any extra fees?

Members:  There will be a NON-REFUNDABLE $25 Resort Fee that will be charged at the time of your reservation. This fee will be per visit, not per service.

 Guests:  There will be a NON-REFUNDABLE $50 Resort Fee that will be charged at the time of your reservation. This fee will be per visit, not per service.

Will products be available for purchase at this location? 

At the end of your service, ordering any products that you are in need of OR that your service provider has recommended can be done at this location.  Those products will then be available for pick-up at EuroTan Spa at Stockdale & Coffee.

When should I arrive?

For your enhanced comfort and relaxation, we suggest that you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled treatment. This will allow you to prepare for your spa treatment and relax in our tranquility area.

What if I need to re-schedule my appointment?

We respectfully ask that you give us a minimum of 48 HOURS NOTICE if you must cancel an appointment. The FULL SERVICE(S) COST will be charged for any late cancellation or no-show appointment.  Please be aware that due to our high volume of members and our limited schedule, these charges will be NON-REFUNDABLE.  Spa Packages will not be refunded when a late cancellation of less than 48 hours’ notice or a no-show appointment occurs.

We are doing this to ensure that we can accommodate as many members on our daily schedule as possible and eliminate no-shows and last-minute cancelations.

What if I arrive late to my appointment?

Arriving late will limit the time of the service(s), lessening the effectiveness and your enjoyment. As your service was reserved at a specific time, your treatment will end at its set time so that the next guest is not inconvenienced and the full treatment price will apply.

What should I wear during my treatment?

We will provide you with a robe and slippers to wear during your visit if you are receiving more than one service.  You may choose to change in a private cabana or changing room before your service.  During your spa treatment, it is recommended that you experience body services without clothing. Our therapists are professionally trained and will ensure a level of comfort by appropriately draping areas of the body that are not a focus of the treatment.

What should I do about my jewelry and valuables?

We regret that we cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to personal articles and valuables during your visit and suggest that you leave your valuables at home. 

What is the cell phone etiquette?

To respect the wishes of all of our guests, we request that all cell phones are turned off during your visit. Cell phone use is not permitted during your services. 

What about safety guidelines? 

All of the safety guidelines that we have instituted in our other facilities will be followed at this outdoor location.  You can expect the same level of cleaning & sanitizing of all materials and spaces, social distancing, protective gear wore by everyone while on-site, check-in procedures including temperature checks for everyone, and all other safety measures that have become part of our standard procedures. 

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