Restylane Lyft

From Your Hands to Your Face, Trust Restylane Lyft

“It seriously feels like a miracle. For once in my life, I don’t look tired anymore! I’ve had prominent genetic nasolabial folds and tear troughs for as long as I remember. I also had my lower cheek area as an area of. Not only did it (Restylane Lyft) correct my areas of concern, but it made my face appear overall slimmer too, and completely balanced it out! Absolutely outstanding. I look so much more lively and feel like finally my appearance represents how I am as a person!”

~ Christie Blom, Maryland (as reported to Real Self)

What is Restylane Lyft?

Restylane Lyft is a “mid-dermal” hyaluronic acid filler product that was initially approved by the FDA in 2007 under the name Perlane. Used to replace or add volume to parts of the body that tend to lose collagen as we age, its proprietary cross-linked hyaluronic acid matrix offers lifting and support wherever it is injected.

What Does It Treat?

As a side effect of aging, many parts of our face and hands lose their normal volume and deflate or flatten out. Consequently, we experience sagging skin that droops downward and forward, crafting nasolabial folds, or deep smile lines, and wrinkles. This is also responsible for making our hands look “old” and less defined.

Restylane Lyft is the solution. It helps combat:

  • Impaired movement and appearance in hands
  • Smile lines, also called nasolabial folds, which run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth
  • Marionette lines, which begin at the corners of the mouth and extend down toward the chin
  • The downward turn of your lips, which often look like a frown when we’re relaxed
  • Hollowed temples
  • Unpleasant nose shape
  • Chin wrinkles, lines across the chin
  • The area just below the nose and above the upper lip
  • Pre-jowls that form along the jaw line

Results from Restylane Lyft in Bakersfield, California

Restylane Lyft offers a distinct advantage among the hyaluronic acid dermal fillers due to its longevity. You can expect your results to last 2 years or longer. This is especially true among people who only required one injection to achieve their desired results. Put otherwise, having the full recommended amount of dermal filler injected to completely achieve your goal at the first appointment will help you save money and time in the long run, as you should require less filler at future re-treatments.

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