Booty-Ful Butt Lift®

EuroPhoria Booty-Ful Butt Lift®

Want a sexier bootay? How about a more beautiful booty-ful? Squats and lunges are fantastic for muscle tone and can improve the appearance of your butt, but sometimes it’s the size that counts. Imagine having a fuller, shapelier, and more muscular butt without invasive treatments. While surgery can increase the size of your buttocks using implants, it isn’t for everyone. The team at EuroPhoria Medical and Personal Spa believe that you shouldn’t have to undergo invasive procedures to get the results that you want. Our Booty-Ful Butt Lift® is the ideal non-surgical solution for anyone who wants a larger, shapelier, tighter butt without implants.

What Makes the EuroPhoria Booty-Ful Butt Lift® Unique?

Your Euro booty experts (aka: medical aesthetic pros) have been trained in the most up-to-date enhancement protocols. We take pride in the unique way we ensure you get the results you want. That’s why we’ve chosen to pack a double whammy against the unwanted pancake booty. Unlike traditional enhancement options, the EuroPhoria Booty-Ful Butt Lift® delivers a one-two punch. This Dynamic Duo, Collagen stimulator + EMSCULPT pair together in this treatment for the ultimate non-invasive butt lift combo!

Our Booty-Ful Butt Lift® is radically different from traditional dermal fillers by targeting the root cause for loss of volume — reduced collagen.

EuroPhoria Booty-Ful Butt Lift® works its magic slowly, thereby leading to a subtle yet observable improvement in volume. In doing so, your results appear natural.

Why Use Sculptra and EMSCULPT?

We’ve found that most people who want a shapely butt enjoy more comprehensive and long-lasting results. By combining these two powerhouse treatments, you’re getting the plumpness you desire along with the muscle toning and lift you crave.

What is a Collagen Stimulator and How Does it Work?

Collagen Stimulator is a dermal filler designed to rebuild lost volume and reduce the appearance of fine lines, folds, and wrinkles. Unlike most fillers, however, Sculptra provides noticeable improvement for two or more years. The active ingredient is poly-L-lactic acid, a biocompatible and biodegradable synthetic compound. After being injected, it is absorbed into the body without any adverse reactions and it begins working within the deep dermis, thereby fortifying and reinforcing the foundation of your skin structure.

By strengthening the collagen networks within your body, you wind up with stronger, tighter, and smoother skin while also adding volume.

What is EMSCULPT and How Does it Work?

EMSCULPT is an innovative and highly effective non-surgical treatment that relies on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to build muscle and deliver a tighter, more-toned appearance.EMSCULPT is the first FDA-approved energy device to burn fat and increase muscle mass. It contracts the muscles beyond what is possible through exercise, and yields greater muscle tone and enhanced metabolism.

There is absolutely no downtime, no pain, and no incisions with an EMSCULPT treatment. Moreover, a single session is equal to doing approximately 20,000 squats. By contracting the muscles, you enjoy increased muscle tone and definition.

Is the EuroPhoria Booty-Ful Butt Lift® Right For Me?

Many people benefit from the EuroPhoria Booty-Ful Butt Lift®. You may be a good candidate if you want to:

  • Increase the size, shape, or volume of the buttocks without invasive surgery
  • Add a subtle lift to your butt, but do not qualify for a fat transfer
  • Increase proportion and contouring

A person who seeks improvementis a perfect candidate for this procedure. If you want to experience more confidence and want to look better for bikini season, the EuroPhoria Booty-Ful Butt Lift® may be ideal for you.

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