Our Salons are Different.
Different in Science, Experience, and Results

Different in Science

The EuroBed

Ten years ago, beauty met science when Dr. Frederick Urbach, world renowned dermatologist, photo-biologist & expert on melanoma was asked, “What portion of the light spectrum should be used in a tanning bed?” His response was simple and direct, “Greater than 340 nanometers. There is no damage to the skin after 340nm.”

Two years later, the EuroBed was created by a team of experts in the field of filtration and engineering. Its innovative light filtration system successfully filtered out the wavelengths Dr. Urbach suggested, making the EuroBed the only tanning bed in the World that eliminates the portion of the light spectrum responsible for burning and aging of the skin. You will feel the difference the first time you tan in a EuroBed.

Different in Experience

The Salons

You experience the difference the moment you step inside one of our salons. From the professionalism of our associates, to the decor itself, EuroTan is different. Everything we do at EuroTan is driven by our mission to deliver The Ultimate Tanning Experience. Our award-winning salons are elegant, pristine, and inviting. Private suites with individual climate control, secure doors and walls from ceiling to floor instill comfort and peace of mind.

Different In Results

The Tan

Short on Time?
One EuroBed session is equivalent to 6-8 sessions in a conventional tanning bed. Most of our clients achieve a base tan in as few as 3 sessions. With a staff that is trained to make helpful recommendations, we can ensure you obtain your desired results.

The Longest Lasting Tan.

A tan in a EuroBed lasts 5 times longer than a tan in a conventional tanning bed because it returns the body to its natural exfoliation cycle, which is once every 28 days, instead of speeding it up to once every 5 days. This allows you to maintain a healthy natural tan with only 3-4 sessions a month instead of 3-4 sessions a week.

The Smart Choice!

Tanning in a controlled environment is always a smarter choice. As the Earth rotates around the Sun, the variables are ever changing. Variables such as time of day, different seasons, the ozone layer, even latitude can make it difficult to predict the amount of UV exposure when tanning outdoors. The innovative technology used in a EuroBed provides a controlled, predictable environment, unlike that of direct sun exposure.

Therefore, when choosing a tanning bed, the EuroBed is the smartest choice. Even the FDA agrees. Based on FDA’s standards for determining exposure schedules on tanning devices, the EuroBed proved to be so gentle that its exposure schedule for a blond-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned person during a first time visit is 54 minutes. In contrast, a common 100 watt tube lamp tanning bed’s recommended exposure time is 3 minutes.

Session Pricing

22 mins
MEMBER Icon - Information $10
EUROS Icon - Information €15

*Prices subject to change without notice